M. Tennis: Rare doubleheader nets pair of wins

File Photo: Falcons earn pair of wins over El Camino
File Photo: Falcons earn pair of wins over El Camino

On Thursday, the Cerritos College men's tennis team earned a pair of South Coast Conference wins over El Camino College in a rare doubleheader. Forced two play twice because of a rain-out nine days ago, the Falcons earned 7-0 and 6-1 wins to clinch their fifth straight conference title. Cerritos (24-1) will actually play another doubleheader on Friday at 2:00 p.m. when they simultaneously host College of the Desert and Mesa (AZ) Community College.

March 21 Match: Playing single-set singles matches due to time constraints with the doubleheader, the Falcons swept past the Warriors. In doubles play, the pairing of Carlos Mendez (Instituto de Educación Secundaria Ies El Palo, Spain) and Biel Roca Carreras (Iguolada, Spain), as well as Kwang-Eun Lee (Sunny Hills HS) and Marcos Paulo Silvestre (Colégio Tiradentes, Brazil) both played to 8-2 wins, as only two of the three matches were held.

The shutout was completed after five convincing singles wins, with Mendez and Roca Carreras surrendering just one game in the #2 and #3 matches, respectively. The other wins were all by 8-2 scores, including sophomore Henry Ayesiga (Malezi School, Kenya), who was playing in the #1 position. Lee and freshman Mukhammadjon Sanaev (Tashkent International School, Uzbekistan) also posted wins.

Henry Ayesiga (CERR) def. Kyle Ou (ECC), 8-2
Carlos Mendez (CERR) def. Louis Tanada (ECC), 8-1
Biel Roca Carreras (CERR) def. Jie Ong (ECC), 8-1
Kwang-Eun Lee (CERR) def. Chris Gordon (ECC), 8-2
Mukhammadjon Sanaev (CERR) def. Daniel Fisher (ECC), 8-2


Carlos Mendez/Biel Roca Carreras (CERR) def. Louis Tanada/Chris Gordon (ECC), 8-2
Kwang-Eun Lee/Marcos Paulo Silvestre (CERR) def. Kyle Ou/Jie Ong (ECC), 8-2

March 30 Match: Coming right back after a brief rest, the Falcons opened with a pair of doubles wins, as Roca Carreras teamed with Ayesiga for an 8-1 win, with Lee and doubles partner Sanev registering an 8-2 win.

Cerritos flipped a few of their singles players around, but won four of the five matches that were held. Boca Carreras posted a convincing 8-1 win, as did Ayesiga and Sanev, as they didn't surrender any games. Lee played in the #3 spot and posted an 8-4 victory.

Biel Roca Carreras (CERR) def. Kyle Ou (ECC), 8-1
Henry Ayesiga (CERR) def. Louis Tanada (ECC), 8-0
Kwang-Eun Lee (CERR) def. Jie Ong (ECC), 8-4
Mukhammadjon Sanaev (CERR) def. Chris Gordon (ECC), 8-0
Daniel Fisher (ECC) def. Blaisure Guerrero (CERR), 8-2

Biel Roca Carreras/Henry Ayesiga (CERR) def. Louis Tanada/Chris Gordon (ECC), 8-1
Kwang-Eun Lee/Mukhammadjon Sanaev (CERR) def. Jie Ong/Daniel Fisher (ECC), 8-2