W. Track & Field: Falcons win seventh straight conference championship

Alia Scott takes the handoff for the final leg of Falcons winning 4x400-meter relay title
Alia Scott takes the handoff for the final leg of Falcons winning 4x400-meter relay title

For the seventh year in a row, and 13th time in school history, the Cerritos College women's track and field team won the South Coast Conference Championship. The Falcons, who hosted the event, compiled 292 team points, which was 57.5 points ahead of second place Mt. San Antonio College. Winning seven running events and four field events, the team will now advance a large contingent to the Southern California Prelims, which will take place next weekend at Riverside City College.

Below is a list of Falcons who competed at the conference championships:

Kenyla Miles 100 Meters 11.88 1st Place
Kierra King 100 Meters 11.93 2nd Place
Alona Davis 100 Meters 12.23 3rd Place
Mahlaya Salter 100 Meters 12.36 4th Place
Deborah Jackson 100 Meters 12.91 9th Place
Kierra King 200 Meters 24.44 1st Place
Kenyla Miles 200 Meters 24.53 2nd Place
Mahlaya Salter 200 Meters 25.34 3rd Place
Alona Davis 200 Meters 25.51 5th Place
Shyanne Carrigan 200 Meters 26.20 7th Place
Precious Alugbue 200 Meters 26.60 8th Place
Glenn Nance 400 Meters 58.73 1st Place
Precious Alugbue 400 Meters 59.96 3rd Place
Monica Bautista 800 Meters 2:27.03 1st Place
Deborah Lopez-Guzman 800 Meters 2:55.39 6th Place
Monica Bautista 1500 Meters 5:19.53 5th Place
Deborah Lopez-Guzman 1500 Meters 5:55.00 7th Place
Alia Scott 100-Meter HH 14.76 1st Place
Daila Bell 100-Meter HH 15.18 2nd Place
Darlena Robinson 100-Meter HH 16.21 4th Place
Alia Scott 400-Meter IH 1:00.86 1st Place
Keanna Daramola 400-Meter IH 1:15.34 7th Place
Jaqueline Fonseca 400-Meter IH 1:21.80 8th Place
  4x100-Meter Relay DQ  
Salter, Nance, Alugbue, Scott 4x400-Meter Relay 3:57.99 1st Place
Keanna Daramola High Jump 1.45 Meters 3rd Place
Daila Bell High Jump 1.45 Meters 4th Place
Darlena Robinson High Jump 1.40 Meters 5th Place
Clarissa Orna Pole Vault 2.60 Meters Tied 6th Place
Justice Smith Long Jump 5.82 Meters 1st Place
Imani Jones Long Jump 5.81 Meters 2nd Place
Kierra King Long Jump 5.76 Meters 3rd Place
Keanna Daramola Long Jump 5.19 Meters 5th Place
Daila Bell Long Jump 5.00 Meters 6th Place
Deborah Jackson Long Jump 4.87 Meters 7th Place
Darlena Robinson Long Jump 4.78 Meters 9th Place
Justice Smith Triple Jump 12.25 Meters 1st Place
Imani Jones Triple Jump 11.91 Meters 2nd Place
Kierra King Triple Jump 11.10 Meters Tied 4th Place
Darlena Robinson Triple Jump 10.28 Meters 7th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Shot Put 11.81 Meters 1st Place
Sarah Hernandez Shot Put 10.86 Meters 3rd Place
Daila Bell Shot Put 9.48 Meters 9th Place
Darlena Robinson Shot Put 9.06 Meters 10th Place
Keanna Daramola Shot Put 8.21 Meters 13th Place
Emily Gamboa Shot Put 7.86 Meters 15th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Discus 34.39 Meters 3rd Place
Sarah Hernandez Discus 32.23 Meters 7th Place
Emily Gamboa Discus 27.59 Meters 9th Place
Mikaiella Vargas Discus 22.75 Meters 12th Place
Emily Gamboa Hammer 35.74 Meters 3rd Place
Sarah Hernandez Hammer 33.33 Meters 5th Place
Daila Bell Hammer 25.17 Meters 9th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Hammer 15.06 Meters 10th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Javelin 29.93 Meters 3rd Place
Darlena Robinson Javelin 29.06 Meters 4th Place
Keanna Daramola Javelin 26.58 Meters 5th Place
Daila Bell Javelin 25.16 Meters 8th Place
Mikaiella Vargas Javelin 18.49 Meters 11th Place
Darlena Robinson Heptathlon 3937 Points 1st Place
Daila Bell Heptathlon 3784 Points 2nd Place
Keanna Daramola Heptathlon 3604 Points 4th Place